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hands full. It’s a cluster- .. sir. Well, Forty different countries, with different security teams. Minimal flexibility on approach routes. funeral seating, egress. Can we make it work? Mike? I always do, sir. Good. I know it’s not great timing for you, but .. It’s what I do. Thank you sir. There’s my man. Mr. Vice-President, How was your vacation, sir? Son, Do you have any idea, the joy a man feels pulling a -lb king macarel out of the waters around Jekyll Island? No, sir, I don’t. That makes two of us. And I’ll have to wait till next year to find out. But, thanks for asking. It’s beautiful. There you go. It’s pretty. I love these things. Don’t worry about a thing, we’ll be fine. Doris, can we have a minute? Sure. Oh you meant Le ? right. Very funny, Doris. She tells me not to worry. It’s only three days. Ye , And I’m not due for two weeks. Walking away, it’s not so easy this time. Hey, I got this. You go and you do what you have to do, and we’ll be right here when you get back. Okay? Here, say bye bye to Daddy. Bye, bye Daddy. Bell tolls Ye . I love you You better. Behave. , here you go. Thank you. You’ve been ?? hiding lately. You’ve been busy nesting? Something like that. Mm, hmm. Your idea of nesting being, bullet-proofing the walls of the nursery? Now, that is actually a great idea. Yes, I’ll do it. Well, that only took two weeks. Hm, mmm. That’s no small thing being a god-mother. I didn’t take your asking lightly. Oh, I know. You think you can handle it? Well, I’m competent, brilliant, ?? beautiful, and really ?? an omelet. Really honored. Thank you, Lynn. Big day ead? Correction, make a day. ?? Morning. Thank you. CONTROL ROOM / COMMAND CENTER Gentlemen, ladies, Today I need your undivided best. The most important people in the world are in our care. So muck in, and get it right. Good morning, London. Stansted Airport miles north of London :::: : :::: Southpaw has landed. Agent Banning, John Lancaster, Intel MI- Hey, John. Bit early, aren’t you? Yep. We’re moving up our schedule. I see. The fewer people know the President’s exact movements, the better. Why wasn’t I told? Nobody was, that’s how you keep it a surprise. We’ll thanks for the help. St. Paul’s Cathedral :::: : :::: With security at unprecedented levels, in anticipation of the funeral, set to begin just an hour from now this isn’t just the gathering of the world’s most powerful leaders. It is the most protected event on earth. Marine Force One, Two, and Three on final approach to Somerset House. Marine One cleared for landing. BUCKINGHAM PALACE German Chancellor Agnes Bruckner Clyde, it’s okay. Thank you Ye , I understand. Canadian Prime Minister Robert Bowman Ye , I promise. Everything is going to be fine Important matters of state? That was daughter No , She didn’t pass her driving test. Guess whose fault it is? Japanese Prime Minister Tsutomu Nakushima Is it much further? We’re almost there, sir. I’m sorry but as expected game and security measures are very strict. WESMINSTER ABBEY :::: : :::: Italian Prime Minister Antonio Gusto It’s time, Mr. President The cars are ready? I hope not too ready! I say wait minutes? At least Southpaw has arrived at destination. What’s wrong? Nothing. Bugs the out of me. Thank you. Sir Major Clicker ?? Thank you very much for your ??. ?? Sorry. You know, the funny thing is James always hated funerals. — Ye , don’t we all. Get down! Move! Alright, back to the car. Okay. We’ve been compromised. Two in the front. ?? what you can. ?? on me now! You okay? — Ye , — Stay with me, we’ll get you out of here. Duck! ?? Oh, Jesus. There’s been a massive attack at the Cathedral. ?? Get me ?? Yes sir. Where’s Emergency Response? On their way. Voight, where the are you? Almost there. You okay sir? Keep you head down. Get inside! Let’s go! Let’s get to the chopper. Dean Court. Black Land Rover. I don’t believe it. They overran everything. Not everything. Looking for hot extract. Marine One for Southpaw. . Calls are down. Alright, here we go. Voight. Yo. — Ram this guy next to me. Copy that. Hold him. Now! Voight, front brakes now! Drive. Keep pressure on the wound. Voight! fight! fight! He’s dead, Lynn. Get down, sir. Lynn, take that wheel. Bike on your left. Not really where you want to be right now. you! – me? YOU. We’re almost there sir. Go, sir, go. Five world leaders are confirmed dead. Along with hundreds of innocent civilians in an attack that has decimated most of the known landmarks in the British capital. SANA’A Republic Of YEMEN, Arab Clarkson and Asher are alive. All the rest are dead. And I thought it was too much to hope for. We just changed the world. Blind be the Sultan. Fate is smiled on us. CENTRAL LONDON Railway system ?? General game Good evening We’ve asked the residents of London to stay indoors for their own safekeeping, While the situation remains fluid. But let there be no doubt

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