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that every relevant police authority and counter-terrorism unit is actively at work regaining control of our streets. And within hours we will secure our city. Breaking News LONDON ATTACK UK Jesus, it’s not connecting. How bad is it? It’s pretty goddamn bad, sir. All lines of communication have been compromised, both civilian and military. — . We’ve tasked satellites and drones to get eyes on, but so far nothing. Sir, the drone is on station. We have visuals incoming. Secretary of Defense Ruth MacMillan National Security Agency / NSA Deputy Director, Ray Monroe We have a Quick Reaction Force? Sicily, two hours out. — Speed them up. And get a line to Downing Street, and Emergency Command. Satellite is up. Marine One is airborne. Southpaw is evaced. Marine One with Southpaw onboard, airborn. Prepare Air Force One for departure. Copy. Copy. Air Force One prepped and ready to go. It was a trap. That’s an understatement. Holy . It’s one thing to plan for this. Another to live it. Alright, well, we’re good now. It’ll be okay. Ye . We’ll be on secure ground in minutes, okay? There was no chatter on this. None. Something of this magnitude, it took years to plan. And we’re in a daze. It’s a en bloodbath. How did they do this, Mike? They only have to get it right once. Today, they got it right way more than that. Mayday, mayday, mayday. Marine Three is down. Roof-top three O’clock, you see him? ?? We’re being pinged. Stingers. Deploying flares. Okay, Stinger gone. Stinger at three O’clock. Marine One out of flares. Marine Two, out of flares. Marine Two, prepare for sacrificing. Copy. Marine Two is down. It’s a lock on. Mr. President we’re going to take a hit. Brace for impact. Our families, remotely from the sky. Your time .. is over. We’re bringing the war, to you. Make no mistake. This is the day, when your world changes forever. Jesus. — This is all over social media too. Everybody in the world has seen this. Aamir Bakawi. Number six on the list. This man is responsible for more deaths than the Plague. Sells arms to every failed state in the world. Has a vast array of connections, terrorists, mercenaries, corporations, Mr. Vice-President, it’s Barkawi. Put him through. Thought you might take my call. You understand if I make it difficult to track. You have me at somewhat of a loss. I thought you would’ve learned a lesson by now, about crawling out of your hole. I’ve never lifted a finger against you. You arm those who have. I sold triggers, Mr. Trumbull. Just like you. What do you want? Your President. You can end this right now. Just hand him over. That’s not going to happen. Then every death from this moment forward, will be on your head. Barkawi, sells arms to dummy companies. Some of them probably in London. Find a connection to him. He’s probably been planning this for years. Everybody makes a mistake. We have to find him before he finds the President. Let’s get to it. Mike is a bully? Ye . Not exactly standard police issue. Really? Oh, my god. I’ve never seen a man suffocate before. I didn’t have a knife. Got more ammunition than the entire US Army. How can they pull something like this off. Gots to be somebody on the inside. Ye , looks like it. These aren’t you typical hill-trained hillbillies. These guys are pros. We should go for the Embassy. They’ll be expecting that. There’s a MI- safehouse near here. I have a contact there. We go there, we get geared up, and get an extraction. Do you trust them? — Ye . The fact is, every single one of these guys is a terrorist asshole. Until proven otherwise. The only person you trust right now, is me, okay? Come on, let’s go. Gotta get underground. These guys are everywhere. Let’s go. Stay here. I’ll be back. Raza .. Raza Here .. We can do easy, or the hard way. Raza. Answer me, brother. Raza’s not feeling too well at the moment. He’s a little bit ed up. Hey, you. What’s this dick guy’s name? This is Kamra. Who is this? Hey, Cameron. sic My name is Mike Banning. You are the one with the President. Bingo. So why don’t you

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