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boys pack up your and head back to eninstan or wherever it is you’re from. You should’ve let us kill him quickly. Because now, we’re going to kill him slowly. And stream it live. For the whole world to see. Can you hear me, Mr. President? Tell him, Ye , he can hear you. And here’s something I want you hear first. That’s the sound of your brother dying. Ye . Not much of a talker, that one. But I bet one of your men will. I’ll see you soon, Cameron sic Was that really necessary? No. The Brits are compromised. The police for sure. Who do you trust? We can also assume all communications are compromised. Anything that isn’t secured, could get into the wrong hands, sir. And Banning would know that too. So how could he even reach out for help? There, freeze that. Sir, Is Banning left-handed? No, right-handed. Okay, well, the President doesn’t move without a drone or satellite over his head. Banning knows that. That’s his left hand. Southpaw .. six. Shorthand for MI-. Look for any MI- location in that are. Yes, sir. Alright, Banning. You okay? Ye . ?? , bad choice. H , Sit down, take deep breaths. How many you think died? I don’t know .. A lot. All those innocent people. Dead game Because of me. No. Not because of you. Because of them. They tried to kill you, sir. And they killed all these people, just to make everyone else more afraid. Well, that. them. Mike .. You don’t let them take me. I’m not going to. You need to do it. If it comes to it. If it’s going south. If it comes to it, I want you to kill me. That’ an order. I will not be prosecuted for propaganda. As my son and the American people see me on en YouTube for the rest of their lives. .. Okay. Vice President Trumbull is among us, sir. Inspector. I’m afraid our .. news isn’t promising. Our dearly departed Prime Minister James Wilson was assassinated. Poison in his anesthesia, and his doctor’s body found dumped about an hour ago. State funeral .. Must-attend event for western leaders. Each one a target. Goddamn. And we walked right into it. And all dead. By your men and ours. What’s happening on the ground? The terrorists have killed first- responders. We’ve another unaccounted for. They’re impersonating us. Our people are walking right into ambushes. Say the word and we go in. But make no mistake. We risk turning London into another Falluj . That’s the last thing we need. The President in the middle of an urban battle. Or the citizens of London. Or you’re just as likely to take out half the Metropolitan Police Force, Unless you can tell me how you can tell the difference between the good guys and the bad guys. We’re have to stand down our Emergency Services. Surrender London? He’s right. Take out all legitimate personnel. Anyone that remains .. is a terrorist. Look, the sooner we end this, The more chance there is of stopping London becoming a complete warzone. Well, how do we get the word out to our people? ?? system. We ?? sound that, people know to stay secure in their place, then game You have the military sweep in. door-to-door, if necessary. Clear these s out. Good evening. Is Auntie M in? Put that away. Are you who I think you are? Unfortunately What a pleasure this is, two handsome men visiting me on such a lovely evening. Long time, Jackson. — Eh, not long enough. — Mr. President. Sir, Jaqueline, MI- finest. Don’t with her. Hello. The phones are down. That said, It did allow us to pick up this.. Mr. President, Banning .. I hope this finds you well. Mike, we got your message. And I’m sure you don’t know who you can trust, and all prior authentications may be compromised. So .. I offer you this, Do you have any idea the joy a man experiences pulling a -lb King Mackerel out of the waters around Jekyll Island? That’s him. a Delta Team has been clandestinely inserted. By now they should en route to your position. They’ll take you to the US Embassy, where an armored convoy stands by to get you out of SAM range. And on to a military train. Thank god. Let’s get us out of here. Alright, sir. So who’s behind all this? Aamir Bakawi. Bakawi

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