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provides armaments. He’s a en criminal. Shielded by governments. Mike, there was a drone strike, to get him. Two years ago, authorized by the G. So we took a shot. He survived We didn’t know his family was there. His daughter was killed. Well, he certainly got his revenge. Civilians? Well, they’re not being targeted specifically, but .. Collateral damage? Ye , quite a lot, I’m afraid. ?? targeting. No official support from any countries Barkawi shows, but.. Didn’t have any problems finding the creeps today, United Nations all with blood on their hands. ?? Who’s on the inside? There’s gotta be somebody. Ye , you’re right. They’ve infiltrated our CCTV system. And they’ve copied the Wi-Fi network. ?? Ye , but who? I don’t know. Mike .. if you hadn’t move our schedule up. Here you go sir, get this in you. Thanks. I don’t know about you, but I’m thirsty as . Ye . How’re you doing? I was thinking about my son. He sends me these jokes every day. It’s kind of our, our thing. A little off-color. His mother wouldn’t approve. I tell you something Mike, These little messages I get from him everyday, They mean everything, you’ll see. Most important thing, never criticize. Always encourage. You just want them to be passionate. That’s what I always tell my son. Find something you care about, and care deeply. That and the Golden Rule. Treat others as you like to be treated. That’s it? Ye , basically. What about all the other stuff. Sleeping, eating, electrical outlets, diapers, stairs, and game That stuff takes care of itself. Really? No, h ha, you’ll figure it out. Okay, your dates have arrived. That’s under construction. No one lives or works there. That’s why this is particularly interesting. I had my NSA analysts take a peek at the power usage .. Through the roof the last three weeks. pretty odd, considering no one lives or works there. Central London. Right under our bloody noses. Tell the SAS that we’re going to make a house call. Mike, ?? to your right. Left. There’s no way to dress this up, sir. It isn’t good. Could be worse. Could be ?? Atta boy. Don’t stop for anyone. Are we clear? Ye , ha h . We en made it. Ha ha, we did. Where is he? Where the ? Where is he? Were did they take him? ?? UNINTELLIGIBLE ?? Back off, take it easy, take it easy! You’ve gotta be Banning. introduces himself , Captain Tutu, SAS ?? President Asher has just been taken. And these assholes intend to publicly execute him. We know, at : PM. It’s all over the internet. We’ll take care of that. Move out! Hey, hey, wait. ?? you come this with me. How many times you’ve saved this man’s ass? Now, I’m going to go get him. And you can kill me, Or you can come with me. But I ain’t going to go any other way. After you. CCTV is back up. What did you do? Disable the authorization code that shut down the CCTV system. ?? Wait .. What authorization code? :::: : :::: You should be thankful. How many men get to experience their death witnessed by billions .. live? You are going to go down in history. I’m not the only that’s going to die today, Kamran. Post Command. Banning. Mike Banning? Chief Inspector Hazard, Scotland Yard. Hold your position. Our military will be on your location in minutes. No sir. The President’s going to be dead in . You don’t understand, We have NSA imagery of where you’re going. It’s their base of operations. There are nealy a terrorists in there. Ye , well. They should have brought more men. Things are ready to get sporty. Just watch your balls. Will do. RPG! ?? Ye , they kill the President the second we try it. Alright call Fox Command .. ?? the utilities here.. ?? ?? The generator? — Ye Let’s pull out the plug. — Ye . What happened? The power supply was just cut. Get the emergency generators up. Come on! Banning, this is what we got. This is a three-story building.. The entry point is here. There are two stairwells. One here, and one here. We believe the President is being held in this room, on the second floor. Hold your position. I need you to hit this building with everything you got. You got it. Keep them busy. I’ll sneak inside. Take that. Do not press that button till I tell you. Are you en crazy? Ye . Wish me luck. :::: : :::: They are almost here. Why don’t you just kill him now? No! The whole world needs to see this. Hear that, Kamran? That’s the sound of inevitability. I am going to kill you live. But that doesn’t mean you can’t suffer privately first. Look at me! I held my sister as she died in my arms. You’re the monsters, Mr. President. It won’t justify your insanity to make you better about yourself. Shoot him! :::: : :::: Almost, waiting for the internet connection. Technology, only as good as the dumbs that are using it. How long? Seconds. We are live now. Okay. Say hello to the world, Mr. President. :::: : :::: Any last words, Mr. President? I do solemnly swear, that I will faithfully execute the office of the President of the United States. Son of a . .. the United States. And to the best of my ability preserve, protect, and defend .. Oh, my god. I’m not watching this. You know what you guys don’t get:

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