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div style=”display:none;visibility:hidden;”> Let’s hurry it up, ladies. Sir? That’s Gil’s money. Did I ask you to talk? Ain’t nothing here that’s yours anymore. Don’t y’all worry about the warden. He knows how we run things around here. Let’s move it, chicken little! Hey. Better stop crying. Do that inside, and you’re dead meat. So you really can’t tell us what he said? No. You’re getting him out, though, right? I don’t know. The arraignment’s tomorrow. Geez, what-what game what’s the hurry? I told you one drink, okay? What’s game ? Jackie, come on, another drink on us. We got it. We got it. Jackson? Jessie. What game ? What are you doing here? Gil invited me. I’ll go get you a chair. Hey. Hey. Okay, here we go. Isn’t this amazing? We got the whole gang back together? What up, sis? Hey, Shawn. Ye ! Stop it. You-you game shush me. I shush you. Hey, I’m gonna head out. Sis! No! It was good to see you, Jackson. You, too. See you two later. You’re just gonna game you’re just gonna leave your boys like that? I’m out. And she’s out. She’s out. All right, well, now we can talk about it. About what? About what? Time for payback. We’re not having this conversation, Gil. The hell we aren’t. You know, I say we start with the warden and those sons of es Red and Bobby. Bobby’s still at Quitman. Terry, Dennis and Eddie are gonna be harder, but that’s where you come in. You find them, you get me close to them, and they’ll be the next to go. Are you insane? I’m not gonna do that. We need you, Jackie. We need a plan. I’m a lawyer for God sake. Do you even understand what you’re asking? We didn’t start this, man. They did. You’re saying you don’t want revenge? You’re talking about committing a crime. No, we’re talking about justice! G. G! You know, for everything that they did to us. The past is the past, Gil. I’m about to get married. Do you think I’m gonna throw that away just so you can game ? Did you forget what happened? Yes, I did! So should you. You’re lying. You know you remember. That’s why you still have the nightmares. That’s why your heart aches every time you see a little kid. This thing will haunt you, Jackie. Whatever they did to us in that prison game game we’re still there. And we are never getting out until we do something about it. I said I’d help you out with Boots, and I will, but that is it, you understand? No, Jackie, that’s not it. Stay away from me. Both of you. Come on, Jackie, just game Man! We lost him. Shut up. We didn’t lose him. How you know? Because he remembered. Hey, hey, can we get some more drinks? Another round. What’s your problem? Let it go, G. What? Get off him! Gil! I’m sorry. Come on, don’t be mad. Okay, you want to know why I’m mad at you? Because you invited me for drinks, and you didn’t tell me Jackson was gonna be there. I thought you’d like it. You haven’t seen him in years. Am I wrong? Have you two been in touch? No. I just game I just think it’s strange that, all of a sudden, he’s just back in our lives. Well, Jessie, it was one night of drinks. And it was weird. Is something going on? No. He missed us, he reached out, we had a couple drinks. I don’t understand why you’re upset. I’m upset because you obviously didn’t tell him that we were together. Listen, Jackson is my brother. I’m not gonna keep it from him. Okay, so you’re gonna tell him? Ye . When the time is right. Okay. Let me see your hand. You’re really an idiot sometimes. What? No, you’re right. Where you think you’re going? I have to pee. The bathroom belongs to me. You want to go, you got to pay. Leave him alone. What you gonna do about it? What the hell’s going on, Terry? Caught him trying to steal my stuff. No, I wasn’t! He’s lying. Back in your bunks. All of you now! But he has to go to the bathroom. You’re gonna be the problem? I didn’t do anything! What are you doing? Get off me. All right, how did this happen? So far all I know is he stepped outside for a smoke and the guy just jumped him. Darryl said he’s never seen him before. Typical Darryl. He’s always been weak. Hey, this wasn’t his fault. I’m trying to do you a favor here, Warden. If this guy knows

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