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had at least seven minutes to rescue his wife? Yes. Thank you. Pass the witness. According to the toxicology report, on the night she died, Mrs. Cox had a blood alcohol level of .% and the prescription drug Xanax and Valium in her system, correct? I’m aware. Could she have passed out from all that? I suppose, but we don’t know that’s how it happened. Well, let me ask you this game one of the reliable signs of drowning at autopsy is the presence of a fine, white froth around the nose and the mouth, correct? Yes. What does that indicate? That the victim was struggling for air. And to be struggling for air, the victim would have to be conscious, right? Yes. Referring you to state’s exhibit here game did you find any fine, white froth around the nose and mouth at autopsy? No. So if the victim wasn’t struggling for air, surely it’s reasonable to conclude that she was unconscious. I can’t rule it out. Exactly. And if she was unconscious when she hit that water, how long would it take for her to die? to seconds. to seconds. That’s not much time to make a rescue, is it? My toxicologist was great. He had the whole jury convinced that she must have passed out before she hit the water. Put his report in, rested my case. You didn’t put your guy on the stand? Didn’t need to. The D.A. didn’t prove his case. Guys, come on, I know what I’m doing. I’m gonna win this case. And then you’re gonna make me partner. Just because you’re sleeping with one of us doesn’t make it a lock. Jackson? Sorry. There’s some people here to see you. Who are they? I don’t know. What are they doing in my office? I couldn’t stop them. What do you mean, you couldn’t stop them? I’m sorry. So this is what making it feels like. Gil. Shawn. I can’t believe you have a secretary. Legal assistant. Sorry. You like my chair? It’s nice. Look at that suit, though. That’s, like, tailor-made. That’s not off the rack. How you doing, Shawn? Oh, man. Look at you, Jackie, you just bossin’. Been a long time. Ye , it has. Come here. All right. years, man. Unbelievable. So game what are you guys doing in Houston? We live here. You live here? And we need your help with something. It’s with Boots. Got arrested this morning. What for? Assault with a deadly weapon. And they got him locked up over at county. He needs a lawyer, we got to get him out ASAP. Guys game I’d really love to help you out, but I’m in the middle of a huge trial. There’s no way I can leave right now. Listen, you walked out on us once and we dealt with that, but this isn’t about you right now. This is about us. You, me, Shawn and Boots. Ye , well, I know a lot of good lawyers, all right? I’m gonna refer you to someone who specializes game The guy Boots attacked was Darryl. Darryl from Quitman? Now you get what we’re saying. Jackie, Boots was our brother. He doesn’t need just any lawyer. He needs you. You ever seen this guy before? Was anybody else with him? All right. Just take it easy, Darryl. We’re gonna find who did this. Don’t worry. Boots, hurry up. Thank you. Hey, come here. You doing okay? I game I’ve been better. You don’t have to worry. I’m here now. I’m gonna take care of you, okay? Where’s Gil and Shawn? Outside. We have to talk alone, or it waives attorney-client privilege. Did you say anything to the detectives? No. Good. You have me now, so they’re not gonna bother you anymore. I’m gonna speak to the D.A., we’re gonna get that arrest report. We’re gonna figure out a way to fix this mistake. This wasn’t a mistake. You’re sitting there acting like you don’t know who this was. It was Darryl. I saw him in the street, and I recognized him, and I just game Ye . I just snapped. And I’m not sorry about it, either. As far as I’m concerned, he had it coming. They all do. The woman we hit didn’t die, but there was hell to pay. We each got nine months at one of the worst places on Earth game Quitman. QUITMAN YOUTH DETENTION FACILITY We were like lambs to the slaughter. Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go! We ain’t got all day! Clothing and shoes and belt in the tray. Personal effects in the bag

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