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I swear, I’m a double-secret-spy. I volunteered to infiltrate myself in the crew. SCREAMS . ! I’m sorry, I’m sorry! I won’t do it again! GRUNTS Look! Here we go! SCREAMING Oh, ! Come on, Ben! Oh, I got you now. LAUGHS Take this, Pope! TIRES SCREECHING All right, Pope! It’s over! Let me see them hands! Out the cab, now! Get out, Pope! I will game It’s clear! POPE: Oye, chicos. Are you looking for something? Put the gun down, please. Put down your weapons, now! Now, this is the part where I needlessly tell you that you are going to die. Bl , bl , bl . But, of course, you already know that. So, which one of you would like to go first, hmm? James, let’s start with you. SCREAMING Ben! Why’d you do that, man? You’re always trying some Assassin’s Creed, Call of Duty stuff. Got on a vest. You got on a vest? GROANS BEN: See that? We protect each other, James. I don’t know about that. Technically, you got a vest on. I know. I definitely saved your life, man. CHUCKLES Don’t go too far, now. He could’ve shot me in the damn head, James. He didn’t! Maya, did I save his life? Maybe a little. Thank you. GUNSHOT James! MAYA: It’s clear! JAMES: You know what? You might have saved my life that time. HOARSELY I’m telling Angela. Come on, walk it off. I can’t walk. Rub some dirt on it. I’m not puttin’ no dirt on no bullet holes! Hey, man, we the brothers-in-law! Not anymore. Offer is off the table. No brother-in-law of mine would do that to me. You tried to kill me. HERNANDEZ: You took down a drug-dealer and a crooked politician in three days. I’m impressed. I know. That’s how we do it in Atlanta, Cap. It’s a pleasure. Thanks, Captain. Thanks for everything, Cap. Good luck, guys. Okay, look, we got eight hours to make it back. James, the only way we’re going to make it back is by plane. Do I look like a bird? James, stop, man, I’m serious. That’s the only way we’re going to make it back. I don’t fly. This is my wedding, James. Hey! After all that, you guys were gonna leave without saying anything? N , we was actually trying to figure out how we was gonna get back. Figured that. So I got you something. It’s one of Pope’s cars. Oh, my God! Oh! Let me have it. James! It’s nice. MAYA: Bring it back with no bullet holes. BEN: Oh, man! James! You gotta make her your “plus one,” James! Ask her how to open it. I don’t see the handle. You’ve got to let me drive this! So, um game Sure. Huh? You were inviting me to the wedding, right? I guess so. I answered too quick, didn’t I? When I said, “Sure”? It’s okay. I was waiting for you to game But I thought that you game Um game Sorry. JAMES: See you later. James. What? How do I game Hey, I gotta drive this. You don’t need to open it. Give me the key. No, I’mma drive. Give me the key. No, James, I’mma drive. Don’t play with me. BEN: I’mma drive this time. Ben, give me that damn key. James, I’m not gonna do this. Gimme that. Are you serious right now? Give me the damn key! No. Get off! Get off! Maya, call the cops! BEN: No, James, you better wait. Wait till I get in. ENGINE REVVING Maya, this is great! Hey, I’ll see you at the wedding! Here I come, Angela! Ye ! Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, Mr. And Mrs. Black Hammer. BEN: LAUGHING Black Hammer! James, come here. I’m your brother, in law. I did m LAUGHS BEN: I love you. ANGELA: I love you. Hey, uh, Cori, I just wanted to say thank you. You did a really amazing job game I did a what? You did an amazing job. Ye , you don’t have to tell me that. And the fact that you think I couldn’t do it, makes me want to hit you in your sack. What? Do you know what? It’s your day. Enjoy it. Now where can you game We’re low on run, we should go on a rum. AJ, what are you doing? I didn’t even invite you, man. CHUCKLING Okay, I’ll get it myself. Happy Kwanzaa, Ben. Sorry for your loss. Assface, let me borrow your keys! It’s a wedding, AJ. Ain’t nobody die. GUESTS CHEERING BEN: Thank you, babe. Stop, guys. Look, I should have told you earlier, but I didn’t. I’m glad you decided to finally join us. You look really nice today.

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